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Wood Fences

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Are you looking to add a little more privacy to your backyard? Is your property next to a busy street and you're looking to cut down on the noise pollution? Think a picket fence would add charm to your home? Wood fences are a traditional American staple and often times, the most affordable fencing option. Whether you're looking to transform your yard into a private oasis or need a little extra security for your business, our residential and commercial fence company in Greensboro, NC can help!

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Lone Wolf Fence Inc. offers superior wood fence services because we know about all the benefits that wood can bring! Wood fencing is among one of the cheapest fencing products. Because there are a lot of facilities in the Greensboro, NC area that sell lumber, our fence company will partner with the best to bring you the most affordable wood options around. Choosing wood for your fencing also adds a lot of privacy to your space, simply because people can't see through it! Because wood is solid, it also helps to cut down on noise pollution. If your space is situated next to a busy road or area, wood can help reduce the noise. Have noisy, nosy neighbors? Wood fence options can help increase your privacy and make your yard quieter!

If you don't want the run-of-the-mill wood fence, our fence company can add decorative elements to the tops of the posts or the entire length of the fence. Crosshatching along the top of the fence is a popular option. Because wood can be easily matched, things such as flower boxes or garden beds can be great, matching additions. We can also add a gate for easy access, without compromising the security aspect.

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Unfortunately, there are a few disadvantages to wood fences. Wood is more likely to rot and be infected by insects but after correct installation and regular maintenance, your wood fence can last for years to come! Our fence company will ensure that the wood used for your fencing is properly sealed and protected, to help its longevity. We will give you tips on how to maintenance your wood fence after we are gone to help you prolong the aesthetics and functionality. For more information about wood fences or the services our fencing company offers the Greensboro, NC area, contact us today!
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