Fence Repairs

Fence Repairs

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If your fence has been damaged in a storm, faded from the sun, or is just starting to show its age, Lone Wolf Fence can help. We provide reliable and affordable fence repair services for fences of all materials and sizes. It doesn’t matter whether it’s our own fencing or not, we would be happy to get your fence back to its original condition. We also can fix broken, damaged, or vandalized gates. 

Signs that you need fence repairs.

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There are several signs that it might be time for fence repairs. One sign that you need to get your fence repaired is insect damage. Signs of insect damage can range from small holes to visual signs of burrowing. Another sign that you need to get your fence repaired is rotting. If you notice that part of your fence is rotting then you should have it replaced before it spreads to the rest of fence. Finally, if you notice that your fence is sagging then you should have it looked at. This is usually because of age and weather exposure. Please contact our fence company if you have any questions about fence repairs.

Maintenance Services

One of the best ways to keep your fence looking great and working to its best ability is by scheduling routine fence maintenance services. Our contractors will look over your fence and gate to ensure that everything is working properly. From chain link replacements to fixing minor dents and paint chips to reapplying stain, we’ll do everything we can to preserve your fence so you can use and enjoy it for many more years to come. We’re the residential and commercial fence company you can trust.

| Our Residential Fence Company also Removes Fences

Sometimes a fence is too damaged or outdated to try and save. Our fence removal process will remove your fencing system with ease. Our contractors have decades of experience with this type of work and will treat every step of the removal and cleanup process with precision and care. Please call Lone Wolf Fence today to schedule your fence repair or removal service. We are the commercial and residential fence company to trust in the Greensboro, NC area!

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